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P700 Pro 2 Combo Meter pH, EC, CF, PPM, Temp

P700 Pro 2 Combo Meter pH, EC, CF, PPM, Temp

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P700 Pro 2 combo meter pH, EC, CF, PPM, Temp.

The Combo meter P700 Pro 2 offers continuous monitoring and is perfect for measuring the pH, EC, CF, PPM, and temperature of all kinds of liquids in different industries. It is equipped with a large LED screen and a modern and robust housing, making it very user-friendly and giving you fast and accurate measurements. 

We understand the importance of having a monitor that can be used for a long time. To ensure this, each monitor has replaceable electrodes so that you can use it for years. Additionally, the P700 Pro 2 combo meter is equipped with a rechargeable integrated battery, making it simple to use and able to satisfy all your measuring needs.

We recommend storing the pH electrode with KCI storage solution  in the protective cover

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